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Cheap flowers delivered sydney. Orange blossom bouquets

Cheap Flowers Delivered Sydney

cheap flowers delivered sydney

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Shire horses, Prince and Monty. Delivering barrels at Avebury Manor..

Shire horses, Prince and Monty. Delivering barrels at Avebury Manor..

The Shires
Prince, Monty and Max are the latest in a long line of Shire horses which, apart from a brief interruption, have served Wadworth for over 100 years. In their heyday, before the arrival of the internal combustion engine, more than 40 Shires were used by the Brewery to deliver their already famous beers to local inns and hostelries. Ponies and traps were used by the Brewery's representatives to call on customers.

Although it is a far cry from those tranquil, golden days, the sight of the Wadworth Shires making their way through the ancient market town of Devizes evokes memories of what used to be. Being four of the very few remaining 'working' Shires in the brewing industry in Britain, they deliver our beers, plus wines and spirits, cider, minerals and soft drinks every weekday (weather permitting) to our pubs and Free Trade customers within a two mile radius of the Brewery, and are a familiar and much-loved part of the local scene. They mainly work as two pair drays, each dray carrying a load of approximately two tons.

This stained glass tower in Hermann Memorial Hospital, Houston, Tx, delivers light to some that need it.

This stained glass tower in Hermann Memorial Hospital, Houston, Tx, delivers light to some that need it.

This stained glass tower in Hermann Memorial Hospital, Houston, TX, delivers light to some that need it. It stands in a section close to the emergency department and to the cafeteria! Each day, when we would go for lunch or a cup of coffee, we would see this and know that there is always, always, light at the end of the tunnel. Hope and faith are put into this tower in each piece of glass lovingly placed. I wish I had been able to do this justice, but, I only had my little girl camera with me at the hospital. I am working to get around to visit everyone. Been a very, very busy weekend and a good one. Hope everyone that celebrates has had one as well!! Hugs!

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cheap flowers delivered sydney

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