Bach Flower Remedies Review : Boys Before Flowers Songs Lyrics : Single Rose Bouquets.


Bach Flower Remedies Review : Boys Before Flowers Songs Lyrics : Single Rose Bouquets.

Bach Flower Remedies Review

bach flower remedies review

    flower remedies
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  • Johann Sebastian (1685–1750), German composer. An exceptional and prolific baroque composer, his compositions range from violin concertos, suites, and the six Brandenburg Concertos (1720–21) to clavier works and sacred cantatas. Large-scale choral works include The Passion according to St. John (1723), The Passion according to St. Matthew (1729), and the Mass in B minor (1733–38). Three of his sons were also well-known composers: J(ohann) C(hristian) Bach (1735–82), known as the London Bach, J(ohann) C(hristoph) F(riedrich) Bach (1732–95), known as the Buckeburg Bach, and W(ilhelm) F(riedemann) Bach (1710–84), known as the Halle Bach

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Grandmother's Window and Flower Remedies

Grandmother's Window and Flower Remedies

This window came to me via the person my grandmother had sold her house to. She was rennovating, and behind my grandmother's old inglenook fireplace was this lovely old window! I thought it was so kind of her to pass it on to me, and, in fact she moved it with her to several other places until she caught up with me. My husband made a cupboard, and fitted the window on as a door. The bottles inside are the Flower Remedies I make.

flower remedies

flower remedies

April 5.
My friend Kathryn is a student of homeopathic healing, herbology and alternative healing. She and her husband cooked dinner for me last night and then Kathryn mixed up a batch of flower remedies for me (specifically, centaury, pine, and hornbeam). The history and mythology of flower remedies is pretty fascinating, and every time I'm around Kathryn, I really want to learn more about it.

bach flower remedies review

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